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Our Sisters is a major fundraising initiative of Cape York Partnership. We work with Cape York Girl Academy, Djarragun College, Cape York Leaders Program, Pama Language Centre and Ngak Min Health to address the challenges experienced by many young First Nations women of Cape York.

By strengthening their academic and cultural capacity, as well their health and self-belief, we empower girls of all ages to follow their dreams and start a generational cycle of hope and prosperity

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Why it Matters

We have powerful and worrying evidence that young women of Cape York frequently find themselves stuck in a negative intergenerational cycle with no education, no work, dysfunctional relationships, low health and low self-worth. The outcomes of this common cycle are bleak.

Our Sisters works closely with Cape York Partnership entities to smash this cycle through a unique trauma-informed approach to education, health, wellbeing, language and culture.

If you educate a girl, in mind, body and spirit, she can change her world.

Our focus

We are currently raising funds for Cape York Leaders Program tertiary scholarships to universities throughout Australia.

These scholarships will provide talented young indigenous women with the opportunity to continue their studies, follow their dreams and become role models for their community. And be supported along the way with Cape York Leaders' wellbeing and support program.


Women are the most powerful force for positive change on the planet. We know this to be true amongst our families and in our communities. It’s the grandmothers, aunties, and mothers that stand strong for the children, never giving up on their hope for a better future.

Our Sisters speaks to the sisterhood amongst all women, and the men who believe in us. No matter their culture, class, race or beliefs - we celebrate each other without judgement.

Our Sisters are your tidda (sisters). We come together to support our courageous girls to better their education, health and language.

How we help


Health and Wellbeing

Ngak Min Health is a community clinic that supports the medical health and wellbeing of our girls. They provide a culturally safe space for assessments and develop information material in ancestral languages to close the communication gap between patients and practitioner.



Cape York Girl Academy is Australia’s first boarding school designed for young mothers and their babies. Mother and child live and learn together, supported by caring staff.

Djarragun College is a P-12 school with a strong cultural curriculum. The college offers exceptional pathways into the workforce following school.


Language & Culture

Pama Language Centre works to record, revitalise and maintain our ancestral languages. They develop support packages empowering girls to speak their own languages, retain culture and make a generational impact.



Through a comprehensive support program and scholarships to elite boarding schools, Cape York Leaders Program mentors students from Cape York through high school and beyond. The girls graduate with the skills and confidence to be a leader for their whole community.


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