Pama Language Centre Team with puppet

Pama Language Centre Wins 2024 John Oxley Library Award

Pama Language Centre was recently awarded the 2024 John Oxley Library Community History Award. This recognition, presented during the Queensland Memory Awards on 2 November 2023 at the State Library, acknowledges the Pama Language Centre's work in preserving and revitalising the languages of Queensland's Indigenous communities.

Established in 2015 as part of the Cape York Institute, Pama Language Centre collaborates with local language speakers to support a range of activities. These include language teaching, both online and in-person, and creative projects, such as songwriting, animation and film. Pama Language Centre also produces educational materials, including books and augmented reality resources, to promote the understanding and use of Indigenous languages.

This year's award, accompanied by a $5,000 prize from the Queensland Library Foundation, was nominated by Chrssi Theodosiou for the Pama Language Centre's role in reviving the languages of the Cape York Peninsula. Nominations for the award come from the public and a panel of Queensland history experts and a State Library representative.

Pama Language Centre's achievement highlights the importance of preserving Indigenous languages as a vital part of Queensland's cultural heritage. You can watch the team accept the award below.


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