Lillian Bowen lead us to the beach for inspiration to complete ‘Dhaarba’ (The Snake); a song we had started composing in a workshop the previous week. We completed the lyrics together on the beach before students collected different colours of sand, stones, vines and leaves to sculpt a giant snake.

Later in the evening we gathered around a camp fire and practiced reciting the new translated lyrics.

Nganhdhaan yin nganhdhaan nhangu nhaamaa
We are scared when we see him

Gun-gunbi Waarngyu-wunaarna
Sleeping in the bush

Munhuwi wadhindhadaara
Hunting in the grass

Dhuugarrin gaanydyandyarr
Slithering through the sand

Buurrayi maarilil
Swimming in the water

Nhulu gaanydyandyarr ngalan minhdhiilbi
He will slither in the heat of day

Muganh-muganhbi nhulu dhadaa
When it’s cold he goes away

Bamangay yinil
People are scared

Dhaarba ngalbaaya
But the snake hides away