Pama Language Press Launched

We are proud to offer for sale three new children’s picture books in Mpakwithi, a First Nation language of Cape York Peninsula traditionally spoken around Tent Pole Creek. Mpakwithi is a revival language. These are the first texts ever to be published in Mpakwithi.

Amra Niighi Laenae written and illustrated by Victoria Kennedy: This original story about the adventures of four friends on their way to the beach is one of three of the first texts ever to be written in Mpakwithi.

Judy, Chwe Nje ’Wa, written and illustrated by Agnes Mark: This autobiographical story about a little girl and her dog

Therrra Kaffry, written and illustrated by Susan Kennedy: This song about the cheeky Kaffry – Australia’s ubiquitous small hairy man – provides the language learner with many Mpakwithi verbs through the actions of the mischievous Kaffry.

The books will be available for purchase from the sisters at Puliima from Tuesday.


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