Parenting Together

“Things are starting to change.”

Terry Woolla signed up to ITAV Strong Families to support his partner, Mildred Karyuka, as she starts using positive parenting strategies at home.

“We’ve signed up to find a way to stop the kids mucking up too much,” Terry says.

Mildred and Terry have started attending sessions together so that they’re on the same page with parenting techniques at home.

“I like to attend sessions as well—it straightens things out in my mind too. I’m glad I went because now I feel like I don’t need to yell out to my children to get them to respond to me.”

Terry is optimistic for his family’s future—“I think it will get better with time —we’ll stick with the parenting programme.It’s great that we get to have a strong relationship with our children which is the most important thing to us.”

As they begin to see changes at home, Terry is spreading the word about It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.

“People ask why we go to the Parenting Hub and what it’s like. We say that it is good for the kids and it is helping us to raise them in a good way.”


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