Passion for Propogation

Passion for Propogation

Roseanne Bloomfield is using the skills she learnt at Garden Club to continue working on her garden.

“This was my first time learning how to propagate plants. It was great!  I’m going to start growing my own plants, using the plants I already have to make even more.”

Roseanne is exceptionally proud of her garden and continues to improve upon the backyard improvements she added during her Backyard Blitz.

Roseanne’s green thumbs helped her win the Best Garden in the Village Award in Mossman Gorge during last year’s gardening competition.

Roseanne is also a long term MPower member and It takes a village to raise a child participant.

Garden Club has become a popular event in Mossman Gorge, and is consistently well attended both by loyal and new members.

This quarter Mossman Gorge Garden Club members learnt new propagation techniques and made their own colourful hanging baskets for plants.

One of POP’s key objectives is for families to have a growing passion for gardening.

Roseanne’s story illustrates how POP is achieving this goal.

Not only does Roseanne now have a garden that she is proud of and keeps improving on, she also has a passion to continue learning new gardening techniques through Garden Club workshops.


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