Mary Kerr, our MPower Junior Consultant sat down to chat with Gwen Swain about how MPower helped her:

Gwen’s  Story:

I didn’t know where my money was going I had staff assistance as well as the financial councillor to investigate further and the outcome was successful. I felt relieved that I got a refund and it was all sorted,

Q: Why do you use the Self Service computers?
A: “to check up on Bank Accounts, to also Transfer and check up bank statements”

Q: Do you find the self service useful?
A:’’very useful because we are long away from a branch”

Q: How does it help you?
A:’’ helped me in many ways than one”

Q: Do you feel safe when using the self service?
A: “yes I know how and when to log off my accounts My passwords are safe and only I know my passwords’’