Vera Koomeeta (Aplach Clan) OAM is a remarkable Champion for the revitalisation of her Wik-Alken language, and is playing a driving role in the maintenance of Wik-Mungkan, the lingua franca of Aurukun Community.

Vera Koomeeta is working with Pama Language Centre composer Joshua McHugh and Choir coach Julie Mayhew recording Ngay Wunang, a new song in Wik-Mungkan composed at Aurukun Songs on Country last November.

Vera holds numerous positions of respect and responsibility in the Aurukun Community, as Family Responsibilities Commissioner, as Aurukun Community Councillor, Justice of the Peace (Magistrates Court) and member of the Aurukun Community Justice Group. On 26 January 2015 Vera was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in recognition of her services to the community.

Vera’s skills, enthusiasm and leadership are invaluable to Singing Back our Languages in Aurukun.