Persistence is the Key

Persistence is the Key

Anton graduated as a CYLP Academic Secondary Leader in 2015, having completed his Year 12 studies at The Cathedral School of St Anne and St James in Townsville.

Since then, he has spent most of 2016 working for his father’s carpentry business in and around the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) on the tip of Cape York.

Recently, however, work has become scarcer around the NPA and, thus, Anton has looked to orbit away from his community to seek out employment opportunities elsewhere.

Recently, Anton made the big move from the NPA to Cairns, where CYLP staff supported him in his search for employment.

This support included helping Anton to update his resume and references, providing Anton with the opportunity to use the office facilities, as well as helping Anton out with transport to deliver his resume to businesses around Cairns.

Anton approached staff at different employers, introduced himself and talked to them about potential employment opportunities.

One of these employers was Bama Services; the staff there were impressed with Anton’s approach and informed him that they would consider his application.

A few weeks later, Anton was informed he was successful in securing a position at Bama and has now commenced work. It has been fantastic to see Anton’s persistent attitude pay off; we wish him the best of luck with his new job.      


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