Djarragun College strives to promote culture within its curriculum and operations

E06 Intertwining Culture, Academics and Vocational Potential | Djarragun College

It all begins with effective education. If a true and positive difference is going to made in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, it is the emerging Indigenous generations who will make it. This journey begins with the academic, vocational and leadership skills gained in school.
The staff at Djarragun College, an Indigenous-owned school located in Gordonvale, Queensland, understand how vital the window of schooling is for its Indigenous students.

On this episode of the Time to Listen podcast…

We are joined by Djarragun College Principal Michael Barton, and Allison Halliday, a traditional owner of the land upon which Djarragun College stands. Allison and Michael give an outline of the College and highlight the diversity of First Nations culture that exists within. Allison explains the cultural significance of the land, and identifies the array of traditional languages groups within the area.

Michael outlines how the school makes every effort to nurture and promote the innate leadership skills of the students. He explains how a culturally safe learning environment enables them to realise their potential. Michael then outlines the suite of vocational training opportunities available for the students at the school. He explains how the college is concerned with the educational and career journeys of its students beyond their graduation.

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