Full employment is the most immediate need in Indigenous affairs

EP 08 The Most Immediate Need in Indigenous Affairs

On this episode of Time to Listen, we are joined once again by the Cape York Institute‘s Head of Policy, Prue Briggs. On a previous episode, Prue introduced CYI’s initiative regarding full employment in Cape York communities. This week, we take a deeper dive into full employment and its place in modern Indigenous affairs.

Prue explains how Australia needs to re-embrace its previous economic disposition of full employment. We then address the criticisms of full employment, as well as the employment-related criticisms that Indigenous Australians receive.

Prue outlines a Jobs Guarantee policy design fit for the needs of Cape York. She explains why implementation in consultation with Indigenous communities is most appropriate. She also explains the shift in socioeconomic outcomes that we will witness as a result of such fundamental reform.

Throughout the conversation, Prue consistently reminds us how full employment is the most important need in Indigenous affairs, a sector that is ripe for reform.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.

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