Aaron Davey

E17 A Chat With an Indigenous AFL Legend | Aaron Davey

"I'm living the dream at the moment. Working here at Djarragun College is my dream job. I get to work with young Indigenous men and women and see them grow as both students and people. The school is amazing because of the amount of different Indigenous communities represented here." - Aaron Davey


We get to sit down and have a good old-fashioned chat with Indigenous AFL legend Aaron Davey.
Aaron played 178 games for the Melbourne Demons Football Club, who are the reigning premiers, and he kicked more than 170 goals. He is now the AFL Head Coach as part of the Academies of Excellence program at Djarragun College. He is also the Head Coach of the North Queensland and Cairns City Lions teams, which are both reigning premiers of their respective competitions.
But Aaron's primary vocational concerns sit outside of football: he wants to see young Indigenous men and women realise their potential and lead good, healthy lives. He relishes the opportunity of being a role model and mentor to the Indigenous students at Djarragun College.
On this episode, Aaron talks about his early life and his journey into the AFL. He explains how he idolised his late father, and adored his mother, and explains their respective roles in inspiring and nurturing his dreams.
He then talks about his current role at Djarragun College, and gives his perspective on how to best engage Indigenous students with their education.
Thank you for taking the time to listen.


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