POP Transforming Hope Vale

Elaine and Tim McGreen have recently completed their Pride of Place garden.

‘I look out at my garden and all the colours are amazing. I get a lot of positive comments. Sometimes, people driving past stop to look. My daughter asked why they stop. I tell her it’s because our garden is so deadly!’ Elaine said.

Before their backyard blitz, Elaine was trying to keep her garden in order but found it difficult to keep motivated.

‘We didn’t have a proper fence to keep the horses out and they destroyed everything. I just gave up!’

After seeing other families improve their gardens, Elaine and Tim signed up too.

‘I saw other people doing it and thought we might as well get involved as well.’

Elaine and Tim quickly saved up their $1000 contribution and work soon began on their garden. Sweat equity played a large part in their blitz, with Tim working hard on the dog pen and shed, and family friend Zane working on the pergola and pathway.

They are planning to add a veggie patch and more fruit trees and will hold their POP celebration around Christmas.

‘It’s a great opportunity to get family and friends together and take advantage of our new pergola.’

Elaine has noticed the impact POP has had on Hope Vale.

‘I tell people to join Pride of Place. We should all take responsibility, not only for ourselves, but for the whole community. Our next project will be Bush Owner Builder. We have a block and now it’s just a matter of building our house.’

‘I can see the change that Pride of Place is making in Hope Vale.’


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