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‘The Three Sheilds’ – Kirsty Dumoo


  • 11″ x 14″ Limited Edition 325gsm Knight Premium Smooth Fine Art Print
  • Limited edition of 55 (individually numbered)
  • Fits standard 11″ x 14″ opening frames as shown, not included
  • Frame suggestion 1, suggestion 2

The three shields in my painting represents the three generations of my family. My grandfather, My father and myself.
My paintings represent my connection to country and my connection to my culture.
My grandfather used to tell me stories about going hunting and collecting bush tucker. As he told me the stories he used a stick from a dead tree, to draw the designs in the dirt on the ground. The designs I paint on the shields in my paintings remind me of the designs he drew in the dirt when I was a small girl.
The designs I have used to decorate the shields in my painting, are my interperations of these traditional designs. The designs are maps of my country. Waterholes, tracks or pathways as well as symbols that represent snakes and weapons like boomerangs and spears.
Joining these symbols are the pathways in which my ancestors walked along to get to the waterhloes, the meeting places and the camp sites in which they lived.

“My name is Kirsty Dumoo and I am from the community of Wadeye in the Northern Territory. I come from a family of Artists. My Grandfather paints traditional stories passed down from his father. I like to paint canvases of traditional shield designs in my contemporary style.”

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