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‘The Rainbow Snake’ – Mary Elizabeth Lantjin


  • A3 Limited Edition 325gsm Knight Premium Smooth Fine Art Print
  • Limited edition of 55 (individually numbered)
  • Fits standard A3 opening frames as shown, not included

The Rainbow Snake lives near the river at a location named Nimbu. This place is a sacred place near the Aboriginal Community of Wadeye in the Northern Territory.
The Rainbow Snake travels from waterhole to waterhole in the wet season. When it arrives at a new water hole it stays there for many months eating all of the fish in that water hole. When there are no fish left in that waterhole, the rainbow snake then moves to another water hole when it rains.
When I was a little girl my grandfather told me stories about this Rainbow Snake and these stories have been told for many generations before him.

“I grew up in the Northern Territory in a small community called Wadeye.  When I was five years old, I moved with my stepparents to the Tiwi Islands. My totem is the owl and the eagle, as well as the water lily. I often see my totems when we go out on Country. The water lilies live in the creeks around near where I live, and the eagles fly over us when we are on Country.”

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