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Peter Levi 100% Silk Scarf


  • 100% Mulberry Silk Scarf
  • Design based on artwork by Indigenous Djarragun College Student Peter Levi
  • Printed by a 100% Indigenous owned and operated company
  • Product dimensions: 170cm x 50cm

Add some colour to your wardrobe with a limited edition pure silk scarf featuring the genuine Indigenous art of Peter Levi. Peter is an up-and-coming artist currently studying at Cape York Partnership’s Djarragun College. This scarf is the ultimate accessory and a piece of art in its own right.

Proceeds from the sale go towards empowering the people and communities of Cape York. The price includes a commission that goes directly to the young artist.

“I want my people to be strong in their voices to ensure that parts of our culture are not lost, like language and traditions. I want the future to be positive for the next generation and I want Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to be healthy and have a strong voice. The adults must be strong and brave so that children can grow up to be proud of their culture and identity. I have included animals as symbols for both cultures – dugong, snake, turtle and kangaroo.” – Peter Levi, Djarragun College student

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