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‘Water Serpent Dreaming #1’ – Timesha Sandy


  • A3 Limited Edition Premium Fine Art Print
  • Fits standard A3 opening frames, not included

“My name is Timesha and I am from the Aboriginal community of Doomadgee which is located 746 km from Cairns by car. I have lived in Doomadgee all of my life. I like to go fishing and walking through the mud looking for mud crab. I get frightened by the mud skippers when they keep jumping up at me.
I like to paint with the elders in my community. Sometime we sell our paintings at the market so make some money.
My totem is the king brown snake which is from my grandmothers side, and the emu is from my grandfathers side. The tribal group that I belong to is the Bunndareah which consist of seven different tribes which joined together to make the Bunndareah. My grandfather is the eldest person in the tribe and my family is the tradition owners of the lands of the Bunndareah.”

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