Proud Achievement

Grace Rosendale is moving into a retirement village and wanted to improve her yard so that it was better suited to family living when her daughter and her family moved in.

Grace is an avid gardener and was pleased to have some help with some raised beds and extra citrus trees to tend before she leaves.

“It was something they offered, so I took it. I thought it could be a nice barbecue area, which I never had. I’m very, very proud of what we achieved. I did a lot of the work, I had bricks around before, so they put timbers around and made it square.

They help make it look nicer. It’s something for my family to do now, to look after.”

Grace is very happy that she is now leaving behind a garden that her daughter and her grandchildren can play in and enjoy.

“My daughter’s partner is great, he does the mowing and other jobs around the yard. He put in the citrus fruits and the veggie garden.”

I’m so thankful for everything CYP helped me with.


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