Real jobs in community

In the first half of 2023, CYE successfully participated in the Trialling Pathways to Real Jobs (TPRJ) Program. This was a Community Development Program (CDP) driven by the National Indigenous Australians Agency to provide real jobs, proper wages and decent conditions to First Nations people across Australia.

CYE was excited by the opportunity to trial an approach to unemployment that had a stronger focus on incentives over compliance to successfully engage jobseekers in work.

CYE was able to successfully place and retain 34 people in new jobs created by TPRJ throughout Lockhart River, Aurukun and Coen.

“These are real jobs that didn’t exist already,” said CYE General Manager Sonia Minniecon.

They are jobs that locals were interested in doing which also benefited their communities.

In July, NIAA transitioned Trialling Pathways for Real Jobs into the next phase – Community Projects.

All 34 TPRJ participants continued to be supported on Community Projects, with a further 10 jobs created during this new stage. Several locals were trained as Community Care Workers in Lockhart River and are responsible for maintaining elders’ gardens in the community as well as other public spaces.

Dulcie Butcher joined the program in May as a Community Care Worker. Displaying confidence in using the tools of the trade, Dulce maintains gardens around the community.

"These are real jobs that didn’t exist already." - Sonia Minniecon, CYE General Manager

“We mow the grass… do a bit of weeding,” Dulcie said. “Normally for the old people”

Lockhart River Elder, Lorraine Clarmont is proud of the Community Care Workers.

“I appreciate what they’ve done,” she said. “It’s lovely that they show their respect back for the community. They really do a good job.”

CYE looks forward to building on the impact of this job creation approach with genuine, meaningful jobs restoring personal pride, building resilient families and creating safer communities.


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