Room Makeover

Through MPower, Wise Buys, and with help from the It takes a village to raise a child Home Crew, Kaylene Gibson has re-designed her bedroom.

‘I wanted to do up my room but I didn’t know where to start. Donna Henning from Home Crew gave me some ideas on what I could do and helped me find what I wanted to buy on the internet.’

Kaylene and Donna then approached MPower Coach, Reggie Jackson, to put together a payment plan and organise a lay-by through Wise Buys. Kaylene diligently made her lay-by payments, and received all her new furniture, including a bed base, desk, bedside table, and  tall boy.

‘I love my room. Everything is so organised. Before, I didn’t really care and would let anyone come into my room, but not now!’

Kaylene is so happy with what she has accomplished she now plans to keep re-doing the rest of her house.

‘I would like to have this feeling about my whole home, not just my bedroom.’

The room makeover is proving to be a popular concept across Mossman Gorge.

‘Other people also really love my new room, especially girls my age. They want to do up their rooms too.’

The Home Crew and MPower Consultant are working with these partners to make a plan for their room makeovers.


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