Saving for Pride of Place

Ladonna Denman is a long term member of Cape York Partnerships’ money management programs, first with Financial Income Management (FIM) and now with MPower.

Through MPower, Ladonna has learnt how to effectively manage her money.

‘I was struggling to pay my rent, but MPower taught me how to budget.’

Ladonna has taken control of her rental payments and through determined budgeting saved up for her Pride of Place contribution.

‘I signed up for Pride of Place because I wanted my yard to look really nice. Before my garden was just dirt and grass. I wanted a pergola, BBQ and some pretty flowers. Now I sit outside with my family and friends, and enjoy my Pride of Place garden.’

Ladonna is currently planning the next stage of her garden and saving to buy plants. ‘Pride of Place is such great value for money.

I put in $1000, lots of hard work and I received all of this!

I couldn’t have afforded it without Pride of Place.’


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