Saving for the Future

With an overdue Telstra bill looming over her head, Davina Lakefield sought help from her local MPower Consultant.

‘I owed Telstra a lot of money and didn’t know where to start.’

Davina received ‘little a’ support to get her bills on the right track.

‘MPower taught me how to bring my bills up to date and pay bills on time. I kept making payments and now I’m in credit with Telstra and aim to keep my account in credit from now on.’

As well as getting her bills sorted out, Davina has developed her money management skills with banking support and budgeting training.

She has also started MPower Coaching.

‘Now I know that I can meet my payment responsibilities and repay any money that I owe. I don’t have to worry about how to pay my bills and I keep them up to date. Now I would like to start saving money for my future.’

One of MPower’s primary goals is to support families to resolve financial problems.

Davina’s story illustrates how ongoing support from MPower allows partners to first get their finances in order to meet their basic needs, and then continue along the MPower journey to further develop their financial capabilities.


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