Saving Money

Saving Money

Janice Yunkaporta was having trouble saving money for things she needed.

‘My sister told me to join [MPower] to learn how to save, and now I’m saving money! And because I have more money, I can do more things for my family.’

Through MPower Coaching Janice set goals for her future and identified the steps she needed to take to get her there.

With an MPower Coach, Janice identified that gambling and humbugging were limiting her ability to save for the things she needed.

‘I used to gamble but I don’t do that anymore, and now I say no to people who want money from me. I am saving up to buy things I need for the house.’

Janice’s house is currently undergoing a renovation. When it’s completed she wants to make an even better home for her family so she has signed up to Wise Buys and is currently saving for a lounge suite, beds for herself and her children, drawers, bedside tables and a dining set.

Janice has been an MPower member for almost two years and is also a donor to her daughter’s Student Education Trust.

Janice’s story highlights how MPower is achieving its objectives of reducing the amount of money spent on addictions and increasing the amount of money spent on household needs so each family member’s basic needs are met.

By addressing the issues of humbugging and addiction, Janice has been able to limit the amount of money she gives to family and spends on gambling, instead focusing on her family’s needs.


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