Savvy Consumers

This term we have studied Health and Nutrition.

We have focussed on the amount of sugar we eat and the impact this has on our health.

We have learnt that ‘we are what we eat’ and many of us have decided to make some changes to our diet and exercise as a result.

We have tried out new, healthy recipes that don’t have sugar.

Some of these tasted great but some were failures and tasted revolting.

The sweet potato and avocado brownie was pretty bad but the strawberry balls and kale chips were ok. Miss Di really liked the kale chips.

We actually measured how much sugar was in many of the snacks and drinks we consume. This was an eye opener.

Most of us add tomato sauce to everything we eat.

We now know that there is about a teaspoon of sug-ar in the sauce we add to our food.

We also learned that sometimes foods are advertised as being healthy when they are not. Milo is one such food and some of the baby food made by Heinz is another.

As a result of this work we have become much more savvy consumers.


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