Scooting Along

Scooting Along

Jaccan Hart is not only an MPower and Wise Buys member, but also an MPower Graduate at the Hope Vale Opportunity Hub.

During the seven months she has worked at CYP, Jaccan has made multiple Wise Buys purchases and completed an MPower Journey with an MPower Coach.

After completing coaching, Jaccan began saving towards big goals for her future.

‘I set up a budget and started saving to buy assets. It was difficult at first—the hardest part was putting money away at the beginning and not using it for other things.’

‘I signed up to Wise Buys because I wanted to purchase items online—it’s such a convenient way of shopping in remote communities.’

Through Wise Buys, Jaccan has purchased a motor scooter and a washing machine. Jaccan wanted to buy a scooter to easily get around the village.

Jaccan researched online and found a scooter from a dealer in Cairns. After making a trip to Cairns to look at the scooter, she put it on lay-by and paid a deposit.

When it was fully paid for, a relative collected it and brought it to Hope Vale.

‘Now I have a scooter to get me to and from work every day. I really like it—I think it’s really cool. My family and friends think it’s great, and my mum has even given it a go.’

‘I’ve also bought a washing machine through Wise Buys. Our old washing machine was about eight years old and wouldn’t spin anymore, so I bought a new one for my mum as a Mother’s Day gift.’

One Wise Buys objective is for families to use the internet to research and purchase goods and services. Jaccan’s story highlights how access to internet facilities supports partners to purchase good quality, affordable items that are not currently available in the welfare reform communities.


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