Making Saving Easy

Almost all, 94 per cent, of contributions to Student Education Trusts in Aurukun are made by women.

Many of these women not only contribute to their own children’s Trusts but to children in their extended families.

Mother of five, Bertha Wolmby of Aurukun, is one of the many Cape York aboriginal women making a difference for their children and making education a priority.

“I’ve tried to save but it’s hard. My children needed uniforms to go to school.

The SET account helps to buy the school things when we need it—uniforms, bags, school trips.

“I know the money is there when we need it, they can take it from our SET.

“I tell my kids to work hard at school and show respect the teachers, to listen and sit quiet for the teachers.

“I have my children on my mind all the time. I look after my children. I am so proud of them.”


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