SET Sail on Your Child’s Education

SET Sail on Your Child’s Education

Harold Bowen is about to send his son on an exciting educational journey.

The electrician fitter mechanic has been saving up through SET to send 13-year-old, Ezekial, to boarding school next year.

Harold is just awaiting confirmation that Ezekial has been accepted to begin Year 8 at Abergowrie College in Ingham.

Naturally enough, young Ezekial’s most passionate interest at the moment is football, but he is “keeping his options open”, according to his Dad.

They have been talking about other subjects, such as English, Maths and Science, which could provide different study/career options.

Harold is relieved that he did his own maths and decided to sign up to SET.

“It takes the stress out of my budget,” he said. “It’s good to know that I have money there for my son through SET. It’s a reasonable amount and I’m really happy with that.”

And most importantly: “SET does benefit your child in their educational dreams and goals they may have. This is the starting point for their education.”

Like most parents, Harold hopes that Ezekial will one day do better than his Dad.

“I just want him to go the extra step than I did,” he said. “He’s at the point where I was, but I want him to go further.”

Ezekial’s sister, Sharmulia Ware, won’t be far behind. “She’s a member of the Cape York Leaders program,” said Harold proudly.


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