Setting Kids up for School

Setting Kids up for School

Robina Pamtoonda wanted to make sure her three children, Annyesha (15 years), Tessie (10 years), and Teagan (eight years), had all they needed to succeed at school, so she signed them up to SET. Robina has been putting money aside through SET for over seven years now, and her children have reaped the benefits.

“SET is very helpful, my kids get educational items when they need them. SET helps to save the money that will be available to buy these things when needed”, Robina said.

“I am also very happy to have signed up my kids because it makes it so much easier for my eldest daughter to have the things she needs for boarding school.”

SET has also taken the financial stress out of providing for her children’s educational needs. Robina reflected, “I don’t have to stress looking around for money because I know SET can help.”

Robina has saved consistently in the past, meaning her children now have very healthy balances from which they can draw to get the educational items they need. At the same time, Robina is setting a fantastic example for her children by showing them that education is a top priority.      


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