Setting a Great Example

Setting a Great Example

Marilyn Kepple has been a great example of how SET can benefit a family as she has four children that have all enjoyed the full benefits of having SET accounts since 2010.

One trust has already been closed since 2015 and she has also this year closed two more of her children’s trust accounts as they have now finished school.

Both trust accounts were well used and only had a small amount of remaining funds that has been transferred to her last child.

He is currently in boarding school and will benefit from the additional funds due to the ongoing high cost of secondary school like new uniforms, and the various shoes required for all the different school activities he is involved in.

Marilyn has regularly utilised SET for all of her children from purchasing the basics to boarding school application fees, laptops, school photos and their graduations and will continue to utilise until her last child has also finished school.


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