Shakayla’s Science Journey

Science is offered to students in years 7, 8 and 9 at Girl Academy.

Units covered are aligned with the Australian Curriculum. In term 1 at Girl Academy, the unit we covered was Earth & Space Science, which includes the teaching of systems in space, the sun, moon and Earth and how the positions of these affect predictable phenomena like the eclipse and the seasons.

We were fortunate to have a wall in our classroom dedicated to the science class to create ‘our solar system.’ This term in Science we have been learning about Systems in Space. We studied about the Solar System and the planets in the Solar System.

There are eight planets: We also learnt about how the Sun, Moon and Earth rotate around each other and the different phases the moon goes through.

I also learnt that the light from the moon is actually light from the sun and is reflected by the moon.

The Sun, as we discovered, is a very important star that provides heat for the Earth.

The Earth is far enough from the sun and gets enough light to make things able to live. We learnt about the four seasons by researching.

Science is very interesting and I hope to learn more in Term 2.



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