Singing back the languages of NPA

From 24th July to 4th August 2017 NPA State College, in partnership with Pama Language Centre and the Injinoo Ikya and Mpakwithi speech communities are hosting the second series of Intergenerational Transmission Choir workshops in NPA – following on from the first successful ITC workshops held in November 2016.

ITC workshops bring Elders, classroom teachers and students together to share, learn and sing songs in the fragile languages of Mpakwithi and Injinoo Ikya. The workshops are led by experienced Choir leader and music educator Julie Mayhew.

In the second week music educator and composerJoshua McHugh will be working with the choir to produce some professional recordings.

Joshua will also be leading song writing workshops with Injinoo Ikya Elders and students.

It is hoped that many more workshops of this kind will be possible, and that we will be able to work toghether to establish a high quality children’s choir promoting the unique ancestral cultures of the region and the talent of NPA youth.

We aim to produce a professional quality recording of the choir toward the end of 2017 and video about the workshop process.

Pama Language Centre extends our thanks and appreciation to Injinoo Ikya and Mpakwithi Elders,to NPA State College staff and to all the enthusiastic and talented students who are making this project possible.


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