Spending time in the garden with my grandkids.

Spending time in the garden with my grandkids.

Nita Yunkaporta is an active participant in the wide range of opportunities that Cape York Partnerships has available to the community members of Aurukun.

Nita has completed her Pride of Place project. She made $50 fortnightly contributions to save for her $1000 contribution.

‘Pride of Place is really good. I signed up because I wanted to spend more time in the garden with my family and I wanted to make my place look really good.’

When work commenced on her garden, Nita’s daughters pitched in and provided lots of sweat equity to get the garden complete.

Nita and her family are very proud of their garden improvements.

‘I bought a pergola and lots of plants, and I also got the maintenance kit with rakes, a lawnmower and a shovel. I use my tools all the time to maintain my garden. I always water my plants and rake the leaves to keep it clean. My grandchildren are always in the garden and they really like helping out.’

When Nita’s grandchildren are not helping her with the gardening, they are playing together. ‘It’s good that the kids can play together in the backyard and don’t play in the street.’ ‘Everyone asks me how much I spent on my garden and they say they want to do gardening at their home too. I tell them to go to MPower so they can also make a plan.’

Nita is eager to continue making improvements to her garden and is currently saving to buy more plants.

Nita has been an MPower member since the money management program was launched last year and has previously made purchases through Wise Buys.

‘MPower has taught me how to save money. I’ve learnt how to budget and put money towards my granddaughter’s education trust. Sherelle is going to boarding school in Cairns and her Student Education Trust will help pay for that.’


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