Stepping Stones to Employment

Stepping Stones to Employment

Liam Kerindun is 17 years old and has been disengaged from school and work. He came to CYE with a clear goal: he wanted to complete his white card training so he could obtain a job.

CYE provided Liam with his Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and set up an appointment for him to return the next morning to complete his training. Liam turned up at 8.30am sharp, fully dressed in his PPE gear and ready to go.

“Liam breezed through the online modules” said CYE employee, Gebro Buli. “He really didn’t need my help at all.” He is now very close to completing his white card.   

CYE has put Liam’s name forward to take part in new construction projects in 2016. Liam’s eager to start work and we’re excited to see him take up new opportunities and build his experience.

He also has some other immediate plans: he is hoping to soon visit family in Mornington Island and is also—through MPower—researching a car he wants to save for. He’s got a picture of his car hanging in the O-Hub as a reminder of what he’s working towards.

Having a car will also help Liam with potential future employment opportunities.


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