Strength through saving

Strength through saving

Strength through saving

“Believe in yourself and you will achieve.”

Sometimes, a little extra support can take you a long way.

Maude Olbar was already good with her finances, but felt she needed some additional guidance and direction to “better budget and save”.

Since joining MPower, Wise Buys and SET, she has learned new money management skills that have allowed her to achieve goals that are important to her and her family.

“This allowed me to buy bulk food and [I] saved to purchase my white goods,” she said.

Maude also regularly puts away money through SET to support her children’s educational needs.

“I felt proud that I got everything for the kids’ boarding school,” she said.

Maude’s better money management skills have given her confidence and a sense of freedom.

“I feel less stressed, I am able to save [and] I have managed many things such as home ownership. I feel independent and free,” she said.

Next, she hopes to “…save for a holiday and a new car.”

Maude, who is also an active member of Strong Families and POP, believes that the O-Hub has brought the world to the doorstep of Hope Vale residents.

“We have the world in our hands when coming in to the Hub,” she said.

“We don’t need to go to Cairns. We can buy our own goods… everything is accessible. From budgeting to Wise Buys and SET, everything is here.”

Maude’s advice for others? “Believe in yourself and you will achieve.”

CAPTION: Maude Olbar has budgeted and saved to buy the things her and her family need most.


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