Equipped to Excel at Their Studies

Equipped to Excel at Their Studies

SET helps students and their families get the equipment they need to excel at their studies.

This includes big-ticket items like laptops, which are a must-have, especially to support high-school and tertiary education.

Recently, Jayson Deemal used his SET funds to purchase a laptop to assist him with his Certificate II in Visual Arts, which he is doing alongside completing Year 12. Jayson said, “I was so delighted and overwhelmed when I received my laptop with the accessories in the mail. This is going to improve my studies and school work and now I am prepared for next term.”

April Deemal also recently purchased a new laptop with the support of SET. April, who is currently in Year 9 at Cooktown High School, will use the laptop to support her with her schoolwork. “I really like my new laptop and accessories; this will help me with my school work.”

A laptop was also on the agenda for Delanka Ross-Hart and her mother (and donor to her SET account), Rhianna Hart, who also recently purchased one through SET. The laptop will help Delanka with her studies-she is currently a Senior at Smithfield State High School. Delanka says she is impressed with the flexibility and quality of SET.

By putting money aside regularly, parents/carers of students help to build excellent financial foundations to support their children through school and beyond, including ensuring they have the equipment they need to excel in their studies.



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