Support for Families

Support for Families

After attending a sushi making class in May, Trixie Kerr has eagerly continued her It takes a village to raise a child engagement sessions.

‘I will keep coming to Parenting workshops. I thought it was really great. My granddaughter and I even made sushi for her birthday party!’

Held in conjunction with a Strong Families group session, these workshops highlight the importance of Triple P’s strategy of teaching new skills to your children.

Trixie is now using her new found sushi-rolling skills to teach her granddaughter how to make healthy snacks at home.

A long time participant across a range  of Opportunity Products, Trixie is an MPower member, Wise Buys member, donates to Student Education Trust, and has completed a POP Backyard Blitz. Trixie has also previously undertaken the It takes a village to raise a child Positive Kids program, delivered by Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy Student Case Managers.

‘I now have more understanding and have a better relationship with my grandkids.’

Trixie’s story highlights how It takes a village to raise a child provides parents with new skills to parent in a safe environment and engage with their children.


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