Supporting Students

Supporting Students

Ronelle Buchanan’s mother signed her up with SET in 2007 when she was just seven years old; she was one of the first children to join SET in Mossman Gorge.

Renelle’s mother always made regular fortnightly contributions to her account, which meant that throughout Ronelle’s schooling there were always funds available for books, uniforms, excursions and more.

Ronelle is now 17, has finished school and is undertaking further studies.

Early last year, she and her mother both agreed that, since Ronelle wouldn’t need all of the funds left in her SET account, they should transfer some funds over to her siblings to support them in treading the same path.

Ronelle has, however, kept her account open in case she needs it again in the future.

Recently, Ronelle used some of her remaining funds to undertake her Learner’s License test, which she proudly passed in March.

We are always excited to see SET support students throughout their schooling and beyond, as well as be passed on to support the generations that follow.


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