Tackling Money Problems Head On

Tackling Money Problems Head On

Bernadette Ross-Kelly had wanted to get a better car so went and saw a car dealership in Cairns to trade in her old one and upgrade to a newer model.

“Back in Mossman I set up payroll deduction to begin paying off the car. The repayments that I had agreed to with the finance company were too big, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to manage the payments.”   

Bernadette works full time at the Mossman Gorge Gateway. Her employer referred her to MPower for assistance as she did not want to get into financial trouble so soon after buying the car.

With the support of MPower, Bernadette completed a simple budget to work out what she could afford and was able to negotiate a 30 per cent reduction in her repayments with the bank.

Bernadette has just accepted a new six month secondment in Alice Springs, and is confident that she can afford to continue to pay off her car while also gaining valuable experiences in her new job.


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