Teaching our Future

Terrence Creek’s dream is to work as a teacher at Coen State School.

‘I’m currently doing a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at Deakin University. After I’m done with my degree I plan to come back to Coen and teach these kids.’

In the meantime, Terrence works as a Teacher’s Aide at the Coen campus of the Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy. For Terrence, CYP’s Opportunity Products have helped to make this dream achievable.

Using funds from the Student Education Trust his parents set up when he was younger, Terrence bought the laptop he needed to study remotely.

Through distance education, Terrence can complete his studies and at the same time gain practical experience working in the classrooms in Coen.

The early support Terrence received from his parents and Student Education Trust has been key to his success.

‘When I told my family I was going to uni, they couldn’t have been happier. I am so thankful to them for the support they’ve given me over the years.’

Terrence believes that challenge is something to be embraced:

‘This experience is exciting and scary all at the same time. If I can get through this, I know anything can be achieved if I put my mind to it.’

It is this willingness to embrace change and challenge that Terrence shares with the students in Coen.

‘To all high school students thinking of going to university after you graduate, please do, because the feeling of heading into a bigger, better and brighter future is exciting.’

These photos show Terrence Creek working as a Teacher’s Aide in the Direct Instruction program at the Coen campus of the Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy.


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