The Best for her Children

The Best for her Children

Charlene Sellars has two children — four-year old Isaiah and two-year old Atayah. Charlene wants the best for her children, and that includes their education.

Through Student Education Trusts, Charlene is able to save for educational materials for Isaiah and Atayah.

“I started a Student Education Trust for Isaiah three years ago, when he was one-year old. Since then I’ve bought books, colouring pencils and alphabet puzzles.”

Isaiah starts grade one next year. Charlene will be able to use Isaiah’s trust fund to purchase his uniform, school books, school bag and other school supplies.

When Isaiah and Atayah are ready for boarding school, Charlene will have saved enough money to pay for their school supplies as well as their boarding and tuition fees.

“Student Education Trusts make a difference. My children will leave Coen to go to high school and it will help with that. I’m a single mum and some of the things they need are expensive.

I want my children to have a good education and everything they need. As they get older, they’ve got the money there.”

“MPower and SET make a real difference to my life.”


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