Book of Love

Book of Love

Trixie Kerr is creating something very precious for her children and grandchildren—a book of memories.

Earlier this year, she began attending sessions organised by Strong Families consultant, Julie Williams, to help mothers produce scrapbooks about their lives.

The scrapbooks, titled “A Mother’s Story”, will contain a treasure trove of photos, memories, stories, advice, quotes and other items from their past that Trixie and the other women plan to create as legacies for following generations of their families.

“The scrapbooks will be the end product of a labour of love,” observed Julie.

Trixie is proud of the progress she is making on her own scrapbook.

“I’m making a story album for my kids,” said the grandmother, who now cares for grandchildren, Hilda, 14, and Akia, aged eight.

The fortnightly scrapbooking sessions at the Wellbeing Centre provide a welcome opportunity for Trixie to pursue an activity outside the home.

“I get to go out and about and away from my house,” she said. “It gives me something to do during the week. I like art and craft.”

The process of putting the scrapbooks together is also a good opportunity for these mothers to come together, share stories, memories and learn lessons about positive parenting approaches that work for them.

“They are encouraged to research photos and think about memories they would like to record and share with other family members,” said Julie.

Trixie agreed: “The scrapbooking is making me look at old photos and memories.”

She is now encouraging other women to join the group.

“I really want to work at getting more ladies to join in on the activities we do with Julie,” she said.


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