The kids can’t wait to go to school

The kids can’t wait to go to school

Tellisa Temple signed up to Student Education Trust two years ago so she could start planning for her daughter’s future.

‘Most people in Mossman Gorge have SET, which is why I joined. They say it’s really good to pay for uniforms, excursions and the lunch program at school. They say that without a SET they wouldn’t be able to afford these things. I wanted to make sure that Shante has everything she needs when she starts school.’

Tellisa has three other children in her care including son, Caleb, and relatives Ciara and Rene. While Ciara and Rene have SET accounts, they had been inactive (no contributions made) for a number of years. ‘Ciara and Rena had no money in their SET.

They’re in my care now so I contribute. I want to make sure I have money for their uniforms and books.’

‘It’s good to have a SET so you can put money aside. With a SET, you know the money is there—it’s better than promising the kids you’ll buy them something or they’ll get to go on a school excursion, and then not being able to do it.’

Tellisa is also planning to start a SET for Caleb in the near future.

Tellisa recently purchased books and educational posters for Shante using her SET during the Mossman Gorge ‘Get SET for School Fair’. ‘I bought her a numbers chart which she’s been using every day and an alphabet book that the older kids are reading with her.’

Ciara and Rene recently celebrated their birthdays through Student Case Management’s Birthday Club at Mossman State School.

Tellisa’s story illustrates how Student Education Trust is achieving one of its key objectives—establishing social norms.

With a SET, it has become the norm for parents to effectively cover the costs of their children’s education.


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