Time to Share

Time to Share

Several generations of Hope Vale women travelled to Laura in August to share their parenting stories and skills at a special camp organised by Strong Families.

Eighteen ladies, ranging in age from 24 to 82, took part in the three-day women’s camp in a tranquil setting on a hillside at Jowal Binna, on the outskirts of Laura town.

“The older ladies were happy to be joined by a lot of younger women,” said Strong Families consultant, Selina Bowen.

“It was a great time away from family, as there was no phone coverage to be annoyed by anyone.”

The theme for the camp was “sharing”—and the ladies did plenty of that: they spent the weekend sharing stories, singing around the camp fire, and fishing in nearby rivers.

“On the Friday evening, [Strong Families consultant] Jo Reid showed the younger ladies how to cook bread and damper in a camp oven.”

Apunipima representative, Elaine McGreen, brought along a special stone for each lady, upon which they wrote a message about “sharing”.

The ladies also painted a banner, which records their thoughts on “sharing”. The banner, which now resides at the Hope Vale Wellbeing Centre, will be used as an ongoing source of inspiration and wonderful reminder of what the ladies shared during the camp.

The banner messages included the following observations:

“Sharing the small things in life—that makes the biggest memory.”

“Learning is sharing.”

“If I had a flower for every time you make me smile and laugh, I will have a garden to walk in forever.”


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