Naomi Friday standing in front of CYE office in Coen

Transforming lives and creating opportunities with CYE

From Wujal Wujal to Coen, Naomi Friday made the big decision to take up opportunity with Cape York Employment (CYE) in their Coen office so she could support her children's education and be closer to family. She is now also responsible for assisting the local O-Hub with Mayi Market order tracking and has improved tremendously since taking on the role.

Naomi’s role was created as part of the CYE Community Projects program, which is funded by the National Indigenous Australian Agency. Through the program CYE has created more than 40 real jobs in the communities of Aurukun, Coen and Lockhart River. These newly created jobs not only benefit the community but also prepare the participants to take up suitable market jobs in the area.  

Hear from Naomi in the video below:


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