Visit to Cairns Aquarium

Last Wednesday the girls and I, baby Arkaydia, Miss Karen, Miss Sarah and Neil went on an excursion to visit the Cairns Aquarium.

We were lucky to have an aquarium guide who helped us to experience the journey of a raindrop as it descends from the mountain rangers in to creeks, streams and flooded billabongs, through the rainforest, past the mangroves, through the great Barrier Reef and finally into the Coral Sea.

Our guide explained a lot about the fresh water and salt water sea creatures. She also talked to us about conserving and protecting life in these environments.

We all learnt lots and had a great time looking at all the different types of fish, turtle, crayfish, snakes, frogs, other sea animals and their environments.

Arkaydia had an especially awesome time, pointing at all the fish and laughing out loud!!

After our Tour in the Aquarium we had a tasty Lunch at the Aquarium Restaurant, called Aquarluna.

Following this, we walked to the esplanade for a swim.

We had lots of fun cooling down while swimming around the pool and under the water fountain.


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