Westpac donation strikes a chord with students

Westpac donation strikes a chord with students

Djarragun College students are jamming, since a $19,000 donation from the Westpac Matching Gifts program funded the purchase of a class set of ukuleles and xylophones!

It’s been a musical revelation for some of the students, who have never before had the opportunity to learn an instrument.

“This has brought our students challenges in self-control and teamwork, as they learn to read music, listen to each other, play together and teach each other,” observed Djarragun College music teacher Emma Donaldson.

On a more playful note, it has also brought “lots of noise, creation, collaboration, enthusiasm and engagement in the classroom”.

Year 5 and 6 students have been busy learning how to produce four chords on the ukuleles, so they can then play their favourite pop songs.

Meanwhile, the xylophones have been a hit with the junior high school students, who are working out the melodies to well-known cultural songs, creating the chords to accompany the songs and playing them as a group.

“We can’t thank Westpac enough for their generous donation and contribution to our students’ education,” said Principal of Djarragun College, Robyn Hughes.

The Westpac Matching Gifts program allows Westpac staff to pick the individual charities they wish to support. Every dollar donated by an employee to an Australian-based, registered charity is matched by the Westpac Group.

Since the Matching Gifts program began in 1998, Westpac and its employees have collectively donated more $46 million to about 1,800 charities.

Westpac – take a bow!



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