Ngak Min Health Connection Event

Working Together to Make a Difference at Ngak Min Health

Friday 21 April saw Ngak Min Health host their first Connection Event, bringing together a diverse group of more than 40 medical and community service professionals to network and celebrate 75 years of the World Health Organisation on the grounds of Djarragun College, Gordonvale.

Ngak Min Health’s team provide a range of health, wellbeing and family services to students, families and the wider community. General Manager, Charmaine Nicholls, is prioritising the expansion and strengthening of Ngak Min’s network and hopes the event will result in an increase in the services available to Djarragun College students.

“This was Ngak Min Health’s first Connection event, hopefully the first of many," said Charmaine. "Today was about bringing together service providers that work across health and wellbeing, to catch up with old colleagues, but also an opportunity to meet new people, with the agenda of raising awareness about the vital services and supports our Djarragun College students need. Today was about planting that seed and putting the call out there for someone hopefully to pick up the phone on Monday and say, ‘We can do this for these kids, or do that for them’.

Among the event attendees was Dr Ben Reeves, a Paediatric Cardiologist at Cairns Base Hospital.

“Ngak Min has been a wonderful supporter of our service in the past and we really enjoy coming out here," said Dr Ben. "Today really brings together all those different health and community services, and lots of people from different backgrounds. It’s a great opportunity to get together and celebrate their achievements and also plan for the future. We want to get some conversations going about how we can better serve the health of children, which is what we’re about.”

With Ngak Min being an entity of Cape York Partnership, Group CEO, Fiona Jose said the event was an opportunity for those in the industry to get a better understanding of Ngak Min Health's mission.

“It was so good to be amongst all the key players and stakeholders in our region of health, and highlighting the important work our clinic does in supporting our students and families at Djarragun College,” said Fiona.

Following this successful first event, Ngak Min Health is already preparing its next – a Think Tank aimed at addressing the critical issue of rheumatic heart disease and its disproportionate impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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