Established in 2013, Cape York Timber is a lighthouse Indigenous-owned business that produces high-quality sustainable Australian hardwood while providing Indigenous employment and training.

Esplanade Excellence

On Thursday, the Bama crew held a barbecue on the Esplanade to admire the progress on the boardwalk restoration project. Our brothers at Cape York Timber provided the timber, sourced from Indigenous land and processed at the Cooktown mill. Bama was then pleased to...

Mulching Around

Happy Friday from John & Josh from our landscape maintenance team, who are carrying out some mulching for one of our clients. They're using hardwood chip mulch from Cape York Timber - this mulch has been derived from timber waste product, with the timber...

Raising Awareness

At its core, CYT is about developing an Indigenous enterprise that can act as a beachhead for Cape York's first indigenous-controlled industry. In order to achieve this aim, CYT must carve out a place in the market for Indigenous businesses, such as itself, to thrive...

Coming to a Store Near You

The first bag of CYT-branded mulch was produced from woodchips generated by the CYT Cooktown Mill in June. The product is now stocked in Cairns hardware stores. By diversifying its product, CYT is able to turn the Mill's waste into another saleable product and...
Ancient forests, contemporary opportunities

Cape York is home to a vast quantity of Australia’s durable, aesthetic and merchantable hardwood timbers. Responding to the growing demand for this resource locally and internationally, Cape York Timber supplies a range of premium hardwood for wholesale, retail, and specialty markets.

Sustainable practice

Cape York Timber is leading sustainable management of Indigenous forests in northern Australia. Timber is harvested on Indigenous properties, and an integrated conservation regime enables an overall improvement in the forest resource over the coming decades.

Indigenous employment

Timber harvesting and processing represents a significant economic opportunity for Indigenous people of Cape York.

The business provides long-term, valuable employment and training opportunities for Indigenous people; currently employing 10 full-time staff and maintaining 70% Indigenous employment.

Cape York Timber is making a real difference to the people of Cape York by allowing for Indigenous-led economic development and acknowledgement of responsibility for preservation of the land and its natural values

A lighthouse for Indigenous industry

In addition to building a standalone successful timber milling business, Cape York Timber equally aims to build a broader Indigenous hardwood timber industry.

Cape York Timber is building economic activity on Cape York through Indigenous stewardship of the forests, providing opportunities for Indigenous people and improved caretaking of the region’s forest ecosystems.