Songs On Country

Songs On Country

The Songs on Country song writing workshops and recording, Hope Vale, was led by Joshua McHugh

The Hope Vale Primary Students’ first Guugu Yimidhirr language song “Bama Muganh-muganh” (Cold Man) was the theme of a field trip off the Beach Road near Hope Vale. The students created the “Bama Muganh-muganh” out of an old termite mound and other natural resources that they found in the area.

Later in the year Lillian Bowen and three students visited Canberra and Cooma for the Songs on Country recording workshop. It was fitting that we visited the Snowy Mountains given that we had just recorded a song about a snow man… or is it “Cold Man”? Lex, Kyomie and Naz got to see snow for the first time!

The beautiful voice of Tammy Gibson features as the lead singer on this recording; she is accompanied by the voices of Kyomie Deemal, Lex Bowen-Ludwick and Naz McLean.

The entire process was filmed. The students eagerly participated in the filming as a Video Camera was handed from one student to the next; they each contributed to the creation of a video clip for their first and very own song… and there are many more songs to come, so stay tuned  width=


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