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‘Diamond Snake’ – Eileen Williams


  • A3 (420 x 297mm) Limited Edition Premium Fine Art Print
  • Fits standard A3 opening frames, not included


“My name is Eileen and I am from the Aboriginal community of Yarrabah which is located forty-five minutes south east of the city of Cairns. I have lived in Yarrabah most of my life. I like to play sport like basketball, volleyball and football. I like to go fishing with my Uncle Roland and walking in the mud where I sink up to my knees in the slippery mud.

My totem animal is the diamond snake handed down to me from my mother. My Grandmother is Claire Ambryn who has a very big family in Yarrabah. I live with my two sisters and my mother. I am the second born and second eldest girl in my family. I like doing my art because it represents my culture. It enables me to paint the stories my Grandmother used to tel11 me when I was growing up.”

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